What Might We Learn in a Given Month at our CEO Forums?

The CEO Forums certainly offer a great deal of perspective for our members during the confidential sessions as we review issues and challenges as well as trends among our member organizations.  We also can learn from the collective wisdom of the group when we put forth our issue, opportunity or challenge.

In addition, below represents an example of some of the non-confidential perspectives that come forward, in this case, for a one month period of CEO Forum activities.  We hope you might find them of value.

Top Twelve Perspectives Learned / Reinforced This Month – April 2011

  • Understanding ourselves is such an important part of being a good leader; having self awareness.  Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum


  • A CEO hires great people and lets them execute; a CEO defines the future – these are his / her primary functions.  Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum


  • The three most common attributes of Stellar Performers – 1. Positive Person 2. Team Player 3. Do what they say they will do.  Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum


  • We have to make a decision to be more positive!  Marsha Petrie
    Sue, Author of Toxic People and the reactor factor


  • 1 negative customer will influence 67 others.  Marsha Petrie
    Sue, Author of Toxic People and the reactor factor


  • You can’t get angry; when you do, you give your power away.
    Marsha Petrie Sue, Author of Toxic People and the reactor factor


  • When we believe we have arrived, we begin to fall back. Marsha Petrie Sue, Author of Toxic People and the reactor factor


  • Customer Retention and acquisition is one of the most pressing issues companies face today.  Leaders are rethinking their sales strategies.  Consider these: Stop Selling and Start Nurturing; Spend More Time on Win back; Integrate Your Online Marketing Strategies and Capitalize on Business Intelligence. Vistage, Chief Executive Organization


  • Leadership is meeting the needs of the people; ask them what they think!
    Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum


Contributed by Scott Barrows, Multi-Craft  Contractors and

Mike Luttrell, Walker Brothers Insurance


  • While considering the excellent customer service delivered by Arvest Bank, “In a competitive environment, market share is gained when the line of employees outnumber the line of customers.” April “Keeper” by Darin Gray, GrayMatters, GrayMatters Interactive and Northwest Arkansas Business Journal; called a Keeper and final
    edits by Nick Santoleri, Rockline Industries


  • “When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it.”  John Wayne as found by Tom Petrizzo, Ozark
    at the Lindsey Building