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Tim McFarland

Tim has been serving leaders of organizations since 1981 and leading organizations since 1988. He has had the opportunity to serve as CEO of a commercial bank as well as CEO in the private sector.  Having participated in commercial banking in three different states and as a commercial lender, head of commercial banking, chief credit officer and chief executive officer and then as chief executive officer in the private sector, has allowed Tim to gain a wide range of experience and first hand knowledge of a rather large case history of situations and outcomes.   Tim served as President of the Pinnacle Group, Scottsdale, AZ, a group of five diverse businesses and other holdings with majority ownership held by the founder of Giant Industries, an NYSE company (GI).  He also served on the Board of Directors at Bank of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM and First American Bank in Colorado Springs, CO.

Currently Tim serves as CEO of Elevate Performance, LLC where he strives to serve others through his experiences, both successes and failures, as well as by valuing and bringing forth the knowledge and experience of many capable leaders of Northwest Arkansas and beyond who work with the firm either as a member of a peer advisory group or a presenter / speaker of a forum or at the Elevate Speaker Series.

Prior to forming Elevate Performance, Tim spent much of his first decade upon returning to Arkansas working with and striving to advance Arkansas’ Entrepreneurship, Tech Oriented Start-ups, Competitiveness in the Knowledge Economy and the creation of Knowledge-based jobs, which in the end will determine how competitive Arkansas’ economy will become.   Those activities led Tim to serve as the Founding Chairman of Accelerate Arkansas and the Arkansas Venture Forum, assisting Arkansas Capital with various projects and work with the partners of Diamond State Ventures in the formation and launch of it’s second venture fund.

Please go to links at www.ceoforums.us  titled “Our Firm” and “Our Forum” for more information about Elevate Performance and how Tim serves markets today.

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