The Top Five Mistakes of Unsuccessful Leaders (as found @

It sure was great being with the CEO Forum I members this morning and with Sarah Fennel and Steve McBee this afternoon.  There were insights shared and peer relationships advanced meaningful to all!

As you have heard it emphasized, from the wise counsel of Jim Myers, founder of the CEO Forum, “as leaders we must work to be more positive.”  It is a categorical statement applicable, in our view, to almost every one of us.

We will strive, as a portfolio of work, to do so yet in this post, we share a topic that seems against this grain.  The list just seemed to be a list whose review by our members and those striving to lead better might benefit. So let’s spend just a little time some time over the weekend reflecting on The Top Five Mistakes of Unsuccessful Leaders found at and written by  The Leadership Freak.

Helpful Resources for Leaders

FYI, we continue to find great value in &, two of the thirty three links found at under the category of “Helpful Resources for Leaders.”  If you are desiring to “elevate” your pace of learning and improve upon how you lead your enterprise or your team, other than embarking upon a 360 degree assessment or working genuinely hard to break down barriers for genuine feedback, these two resources would be great “foundational resources” from which to begin.

Giving Meaning to What We Do

One last comment, in our one-on-one session today with Founder and CEO of Restore Humanity, Sarah Fennel, we received a wonderful gift.  It was her demand that we stop and listen to her “giving thanks” to our work together and the contributions she felt we had made to her leadership effectiveness.  And I only share this to say, she found a way to do this in a genuine and special and loving way and it gave great meaning to the work we do.  It is exactly what we would like to be able to do with every person with whom we work & especially those whose responsibility to lead is ours.  If we can give more meaning to what they do, they will perform even better!  Now, let’s see if we can absorb this gift of Sarah’s and be able to perform better in the coming weeks and months.  Thank you Sarah, for your restorative gift and for restoring the humanity of the less fortunate in Kenya.  We love ya!