The CEO Forums Survey – Top 15 Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring Great People

Members of the CEO Forums were asked to nominate Best Practices  for recruiting and hiring great people.  Then members were asked to rank those best practices.  Below are the results.

  1. Seek people that are first a cultural fit
  2. Hire people that are smarter than you
  3. Look for great talent and hire them; first who and then what
  4. Use trusted network / referrals
  5. Start with internships when possible
  6. You have to be recruiting all of the time
  7. Ask the question, “would I follow this person?”
  8. For managerial positions, utilize situational interviews
  9. Utilize pre-screening to make sure they are real candidates
  10. Use personality profile tools to assess the individual on many fronts; Caliper profile and Assess are two we have used; these are used to trigger red flags such as aggressive tendencies, high ego, low analytical ability, etc; used for who not to hire
  11. Strive to evaluate the “emotional quotient,” hard to discern in interview yet one can now purchase EQ tests at Barnes and Nobles or online
  12. Never hire someone when you need them/ work on great people long-term
  13. Always be observing and when one finds impressive people, seek them out
  14. Before process begins, first define what you believe is a “great person” or an “A Player”
  15. The best people we brought on were not looking when we recruited them

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