The Amerine Factor – An Arkansas Leader Emerges

In the past two years, no one has meant more for the Arkansas’ entrepreneur community than Jeff Amerine.  The Amerine Factor can be found in about every good initiative happening in Arkansas relating to making a more vibrant communmity for entrepreneurs to start and grow and be successful in Arkansas.  Thank you Jeff, for all you have done to take this important part of our economy to a whole new level.  CEO Forum II is proud to have you as a valued member!

To get a taste of what Jeff is doing and how he thinks, please go to this video link and listen to this brilliant tech savvy leader!

Keep up your great work, Jeff!  Stay productive; that is you!  Adjust for balance from time-to-time.  Stay positive! Remain humble yet confident.  People are following and will continue to follow you!   We are all grateful!