“The old expression ‘it’s lonely at the top’ has changed to ‘I have friends at the top.’ My business is a family business, and when my father became sick, I lost my one of my greatest advisors. The CEO Forum, to a great extent, makes up for that. The collective wisdom of the members is of tremendous value to me.”

~Bill Hanna, President
Hanna Oil and Gas Company

“The CEO Forum has become an oasis of support, advice and counsel as I attempt to lead our company in to the future. The age range and professional spectrum that the CEO FORUM represents is an invaluable tool when confronted with and appropriately addressing the everyday issues of leadership and company progress.”

~Darin Gray, CEO & President
Gray Matters, LLC

“For me, the benefits of the CEO FORUM have been three-fold. First, I can discuss issues and problems with people who may be able to offer a new perspective or who have faced similar challenges in the past and can offer advice on how to address the problems. Second, the different businesses and interests represented give me a better understanding of what’s going on in the region. Third, it has caused me to give serious consideration to things I simply hadn’t thought about, like how the generational differences among our employees produce different motivational and organizational challenges.”

~Scott Van Laningham, CEO
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

“The CEO Forum of Arkansas will provide participants the benefit of multiplying the wisdom of the members for each other.  Members create incredible relationships to draw on at any time.  Many of the CEO members in Arizona say, ‘It’s the most important three hours I spend each month.’ ”

~Jim Myers, Founder
The CEO Forum

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