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Common Attributes of Our Three Forums:

  • One Board Room
  • One morning a month, members come together to help one another, grow, and act as the other’s alternative board of directors.
  • One member, on a rotating basis, formally presents her or his issue, opportunity or challenge. Members then ask thoughtful questions and one member at a time offer thoughtful input to presenter. Collective wisdom of the group never ceases to amaze us.
  • Topics of importance are processed together and subject matter experts are invited to present.
  • Members learn about challenges, issues and uniqueness of several industries
  • Members are encouraged to get beyond our ego barriers and to have difference in opinion
  • Perspective knowledge and wisdom that is difficult to access any other way.
  • Questions and input from members can deliver break-though insights and solutions.
  • Trust and confidentiality is essential and strengthens every month.
  • Every leader is busy; the busier you are the more suitable the forum is for you.
  • Every leader needs consistent and scheduled time to step out of the day to day to reflect and process important topics.

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