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For Results That Always Get Better “ Jim Myers

Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum in Phoenix, AZ is an incredible mentor and has had a positive impact mentoring and advising well over 100 CEO’s in Arizona and across America.

The business community of Phoenix was quite fortunate when Jim, experienced as a CEO of two publicly held companies, one of which represented 10,000 co-workers, elected to move to Phoenix with his lovely wife Gindy to be closer to family and enjoy the Arizona sunshine. Tim McFarland, who leads the CEO Forums in Arkansas, licensed from Jim’s organization, was fortunate to be a member of the original CEO Forum in 1989.  Tim will be putting forth “nuggets” of counsel that Jim has taught to others and will on occasion invite other members of the CEO Forum in Phoenix to share their good fortune to have learned from Jim.  Jim’s counsel is not only of strong value but it is practical and executable.

As we consistently strive to find information of high value helpful to CEO’s, we also find that much of it sounds excellent but is not so practical and executable. And this makes us even more hungry to bring to members of the CEO Forum and on a selected basis to the public at large, a program we refer to as “For Results That Always Get Better – Jim Myers.”

In this post, we offer two guidances taught to us by Jim Myers that we know can help every organizational leader when applied more diligently.

1.  Consider Jim’s definition of a leader and how you and your leadership team conduct your roles as leaders so as to “bring out the best in others.”

2.  Every day, every hour, every conversation, strive to act in a way and encourage others to do so that will build an environment that is “open, trusting, non-defensive and non-political.”

And consider for just a moment any previous challenge you or your organization has had recently and if these guidances had been emphaisized and present, if the results not have been better.

“For results that always get better,”  thank you, Jim Myers!