On Becoming a High Performing CEO

“Understanding ourselves is such an important part of being a good leader; having self awareness.”

“Leadership is meeting the needs of our people; ask them what they think.”

Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum

“We have to make a decision to be more positive!”

“You can’t get angry; when you do, you give your power away.”

“When we believe we have arrived, we begin to fall back.”

Marsha Petrie Sue. Author of Toxic People and the reactor factor

“Humility is not low self esteem; it is lack of self preoccupation,” David Brooks, columnist at the New York Times

“Emotional intelligence is catalytic for whatever other abilities we might have,”  Daniel Goleman speaking atGoogleTalks

“How can you tell which ones have enough fire in their belly?” Sheridan Garrison, founder of American Freightways (now FedEx Freight)

“Stay in the game, it will all come to you,”  Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum

As taken from Page Four of the best of what we have learned while leading CEO Forums, Elevate 2012 piece.

We hope you might find some of this information helpful.

What are your thoughts on how to become a high performing CEO?

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