Northwest Arkansas – Great for Business.Great for Life.

It’s how we start every Elevate Speaker Series, watching this two minute video, reminding each of us how fortunate we are to be in Northwest Arkansas.  Great for business.  Great for Life.

Thank you Northwest Arkansas Council for all you do to help Northwest Arkansas be a better place to work, live, raise family and play.  Thank you Sam Walton, Don Tyson, JB Hunt, John Lewis for starting the Northwest Arkansas Council.   Thank you Alice Walton, Uvalde Lindsey and John Paul Hammerschmidt for your awesome leadership in the first 15 years of the council’s great work, helping bring XNA and I540 to fruition.

Thank you Mark Simmons, Archie Shaffer and Scott Van Laningham for your ongoing and consistent leadership for the council.

Thank you Mike Malone and the rolling chairpersons of the council that include David Gearhart, Mike Duke, Jim Walton, John Roberts and John Tyson.  Thank you Buddy Philpot for your past and ongoing steady leadership always being there for the council.  Thank you past and current members of the Northwest Arkansas Council.  Thank you current and highly talented staff serving Mike Malone’s and the membership’s administration!  And thank you Walton Family Foundation….where would we be without this wonderful institution?!!!

Thank you for this inspiring video:

Northwest Arkansas – Great for Business. Great for Life.