Evolving Our Business Model – from the CEO of Salesforce.com

Old business models are becoming obsolete and great new ones are being created!  Our CEO Forum Surveys indicate that one of a leader’s highest priorities is how he or she evolves an organization’s business model so that it can continue to deliver or improve on the degree to which it delivers a high value proposition.  While it is true that this will take some time, there is a growing belief that it also must be sped up.  So how do we go about this?

In August, Forbes named Salesforce.com the most innovative company of the year.  What can we learn from Salesforce.com?  Might it be a source to inspire CEO’s who are seeking to evolve your business model?

Sometimes we can go to school on the winners, consider what they are doing and use common sense to figure out how to apply what they are doing to what we might be done to improve our own business.

One can listen to Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com in another insightful interview by Charles Rose.  We highly recommend it!


As an example, the difference in how Steve Jobs looked at the world vs. Bill Gates:

>Steve Jobs looked at projects with a beginners mind.

>Bill Gates looked at the world as how he could advance windows into it.

Marc reminds us that:

>consider that the i-pad was only launched 18 months ago

>things are going faster than ever before

>there is a thurst for more transparency; organizations that don’t become more transparent can become obsoletedly

>Marc developed a 1/1/1 philanthropic platform for his organization.

>Salesforce.com agreed to place 1% of their stock, 1% of their profits and 1% of their time into a 501c3 to do philanthropy

We hope and trust that you find this information of value.

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