How to Build a Great Salesperson From Scratch

Anthony Iannarino offers some excellent resources and knowledge relating to sales titled the Anthony Iannarino Sales Blog.  You may find it of value along the way.  We thought he laid this topic out very well.

In the CEO Forums, we often discuss and emphasize how important it is to try to “grow our own great people from within” vs. recruit from the outside.  Sometimes it makes sense and can even be advantageous to recruit from the outside.  Yet, we all would be better if we could grow more of our best people from scratch.  And that is why we are posting the link to this well written post.

How do we build a great sales person from scratch or for that matter a great key person from scratch?

Please review the content in Anthony’s post.  In summary,

  • hire people with the right attributes
  • combine training and experience
  • start coaching
  • give more training and greater challenges
  • give even more sales coaching
“Ongoing coaching is key to building great sales people,” Anthony states or for that matter, it is key to building great people within our organization.

The link:

What are your thoughts and views on the topic?