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How Members Benefit from The CEO Forums

It can be lonely at the top.  A CEO doesn’t always have upstream resources like others in an organization to call upon for answers to his or her largest challenge, issue or opportunity.  Yet, what ever the most pressing challenge, issue or opportunity that comes your way, one can be assured that other CEO’s have experience and knowledge in how best to respond to the same.  And in our group format with valued peers among your membership, the collective wisdom of the group never ceases to amaze us relative to how robust and valuable the input can  be for an amazingly broad array of topics.
We strive to pursue answers and content helpful to elevate a leader’s performance and do so with the understanding that we must be diligent and thoughtful so as to to find the reality of any given circumstance, situation, challenge or opportunity.  We strive to pursue answers without ego and challenge our members to do so as well.  We know we can be wrong and constantly strive to stress test what we have learned and continue to learn as we know that we must be life long learners and know that both people and reality often change.
Our objective is to take people from where they are, understanding our own weaknesses and shortcomings, and while helping others, focus on how we can improve.  Within our groups, we encourage debate and disagreement in a constructive manner via this open and trusting format so as to help one another define reality and the optimal approach to a challenge, issue or opportunity.
Below is a list of how members of a CEO Forums can benefit.
  • Participate in a trusting and mutually supportive environment
  • Benefit from learning from one another and collective wisdom of the group
  • Distinguish between fads and sustainable best practices
  • Learn from real-life experiences of others
  • Gain timely insights regarding economic conditions across various sectors
  • Address common issues via outside expertise and dialogue among peers
  • Enhance servant leadership and organizational management skills
  • Discover new and better ways to achieve exceptional results
  • Network for knowledge, wisdom and personal growth
  • Share content and resources via websites, social media and Emerging Apps
We are in the process of developing five Toolboxes for clients of Elevate and members of Elevate  or members of a forum.   These toolboxes include:
- Leadership and People Development
- Strategic Thinking and Planning
- Financial Strategies / Corporate Finance
- Business Model Evolution
- Remaining Current, a competitive imparitive
- Learning from one another
Thank you for taking the time to consider this information.
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