Emerging Leader Forum Launches With High Level of Diversity in Members – Rich!

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with the recently enrolled Emerging Leader Forum ‘Fall 2013.’  Fourteen emerging leaders enrolled and are now members of the Emerging Leader Forum ‘Fall 2013.’  The group represents a degree of diversity that we have not previously seen in leadership / emerging leader groups.  As we are all learning, and we strongly believe, the greater the diversity of any group, the richer the opportunity is to learn from one another.

How the Program Works

Members will invest three hours a month in a confidential setting learning from one another and from the facilitators of the program.  Members are asked to invest another three hours during the month learning from “best in class” materials. These materials were derived from:

  • contributions made by every CEO Forum member relating to each member’s successes and failures and resources that he or she has brought to the CEO Forums considered valuable and actionable to leaders of small to midsize organizations.
  • the Six Pillars Essential for Leading Your Enterprise.  The Six Pillars were derived from the experience and learning of Elevate’s founder while serving in his career, over 500 CEO’s along with what he has learned from his successes and failures.

At each forum, two of the fourteen members will formally present an Issue / Opportunity using our disciplined process.

As a result, we believe that members will gain insights and perspectives that one just cannot get any other way.

Please congratulate the members of the Emerging Leader Forum ‘Fall 2013′ for “leaning in.”

We offer these two notables about this group:

  • the quality of organizations investing in their emerging leaders.
  • how diverse the group is.  As can be found in the statistics to follow relating to how diverse the group is, members can look forward to an experience that will be further enriched due to it’s highly diverse make-up.


 Members of Emerging Leader Forum ‘Fall 2013′

Anna Cottrell                  Lola Boutique

Barbara Busiek               NWA Regional Airport

Carlos Giraldo                Rockline Industries

Jeff Gabbard                   Bowman Hospitality Group

Marshall Saviers           Sage Partners

Martine Pollard             Mercy Hospital NWA

MaryKathryn Floyd    Groundserv

Matt Dromy                    Modthink

Rob Gutteridge              NWA Business Journal

Stacey Sturner               Northwest Arkansas Council

Tomas Blodgett             Multi-Craft Contractors, Inc.

Tim Maddox                   deMx architecture

Boo Buchanan                Creative Awards

Nicole Shipley               Entrepreneur

Facilitating Team

Todd Wood                    Super Mentor

Michael Iseman           Elevate

Tim McFarland            Elevate


Diversity Stats

This group is represented, in terms of diversity, as follows:

Female – Six

Columbian born – One

German born – One

Irish-German-African-American-Indian – One

Caucasian Male – Five


Specific Deliverable of Program

During the eight month period, each member will identify two areas of leadership or of areas of expertise that he or she desires to improve upon and considered the two areas that if developed further, will position he or she to be increasingly valuable to the organization for whom he or she works.  With the assistance of Tim and Todd, we will develop a plan of action to develop each area.


What is The “Why” for What We Do? 

Our passion is to creating environments where CEO’s, leaders and aspiring leaders of small to midsize organizations can gain insights and knowledge around challenges and issues that can sometimes be daunting while also exposing you to valuable information and knowledge around leading your enterprise such that you can always be elevating your performance.  We desire to deliver a platform where you:

  • never have to “go it alone” and have a safe environment to process issues, challenges and opportunities important to your success.
  • can engage with your peers and with the leadership of Elevate in ways that you are able to return to your leadership position and make better decisions while also advancing your ability to bring the best out in others.

If we aren’t growing, are we not going backwards?  

Let’s discuss how you can join with us and be assured that you can increasingly contribute to the value you deliver to your organization.

Our Mission – Helping Leaders Elevate Performance.