CEO Forum Survey – Top Five Attributes of Stellar Performing Co-workers

Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum, encourages us to develop a bench of Stellar Performing Co-workers.  In fact, he goes as far as to say, consider the attributes of the stellar performers that have worked for you to-date and try to establish what the common attributes they hold and then hire against this for new hires.  So we thought we would survey the CEO Forum members to see what we found.  This is what we found among the CEO Forum members.

Top Five Positive Attributes of Stellar Performers

  • Integrity & Character
  • Willing to Learn
  • Sees the Big Picture
  • Ability to Build Strong Relationships
  • Self Starters
Furthermore, we offer what Jim Myers has found in those that have shown to be Stellar Performers in his rich experience of leading two publicly held companies and mentoring over 200 CEO Forum members in a career that now reflects a half a century of work:
  • Positive Person
  • Does what he / she says he / she says will do
  • Works well with others