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Porterfield Article – How Technology Is Changing the Accounting Profession

The speed in which technology is changing the way we do business today never ceases to amaze us.  Marsha Petrie Sue, author and valued speaker at the CEO Forums in Phoenix, offers this perspective, “The way we do business will change more in the next five years than any other time!”

The more we consider this, the more we believe her wise perspective is right on.  And how important it is for every CEO and every Organizational Leader to recognize and embrace this major factor!

It is critical that we and our business models remain current, up to date and competitive.  Or better yet that we create a business model that becomes a market disruptor!  Old business models are becoming obsolete and great new ones are being created.  All worthy factors deserving of your consideration.

Recently, Tom Porterfield, CPA and partner, Porterfield, Killingsworth CPA, PLLC  (, wrote an article published in the Arkansas Business Journal relating to How Technology Is Changing the Accounting Profession.  The article is well written and in our view, valuable to all and worthy of your time.

Here is the link.

Tom Porterfield is a valued member of CEO Forum I.

We hope you find this information of value.


Jeannette Balleza’s Rockstar Apps

At this month’s CEO Forums, we had the good fortune to hear Jeannette Balleza’s presentation Using Technology to Support Free Style Productivity.  Jeannette is the owner and Creative in Chief of Scribe Marketing.  She is a brilliant lady that anyone would want on their team.  She is as knowledgeable on technology, website development and social media as anyone to whom our CEO Forum members have been introduced.   She is a member of CEO Forum II.

Jeannette’s presentation received excellent reviews.  She is working on a presentation that we will soon be able to post on the CEO Forums website for all of you to review.

And while it is best to hear Jeannette’s presentation and her views of how each App is utilized for increased productivity and business oriented purposes, several have asked for a list of Jeannette’s Rockstar Apps.

Look for more updates soon on Jeannette’s presentation.  Until then, here is a list of Jeannette’s Rockstar Apps.

FTP on the Go
LogMeIn Ignition
G-Whizz! Free
Docs to Go
Kindle Reader
Remember the Milk
Bamboo Paper

Since the presentation, we have adopted two more of these apps, JotNot and Card Munch.  This App world is pretty amazing!

Jeff Amerine, Innovate Arkansas, member of CEO Forum II, reminds us that Staying Current is a competitive imperative!  So here is a presentation that will help each of us Stay Current.  Staying Current, a Competitive Imperative, is now a new category for our CEO Forums website.

Thank you Jeannette Balleza!   And thank you Jeff Amerine!

We welcome your comments on Apps that you value and utilize to help you be more productive.

The Must-Have Leadership Skill from Daniel Goleman

From HBR Blognetwork, Daniel Goleman provides additional insights on what he refers to as the must-have leadership skill.

Find it here:

And specifically here:

Daniel Goleman is Co-Director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at Rutgers University, co-author of Primal Leadership: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and author of The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights and Leadership: Selected Writings.


YouTube: Daniel Pink at a TED Conference

YouTube: Daniel Pink

CEO Forum III member Scott Barrows introduced Daniel Pink to our CEO Forums a few months back.  Daniel’s is a very interesting and noteworthy viewpoint.  If you haven’t already, check out the classic TEDTalk by distinguished thought leader, speaker and writer.  Pink presents TED Conference attendees with his talk on “the surprising science of motivation.”

Survey of What We Learned from the Prior Decade

The prior decade certainly offered a target rich environment for CEO’s and organizational leaders to learn a great deal about free market behavior and how well our organizations were positioned for such large swings in the economy.  Today, there are some tremendous case studies that were born from this decade of activities represented by growth and easy capital markets turning to the great recession and a retraction of markets and capital that hasn’t been as severe since the 1970′s.  We thought we would stop and reflect on this learning opportunity and see what we find among the CEO Forum members.  This is what we found.

Survey Results of our CEO Forum Members

Learning from the Prior Decade


How We Strategically Drive Our Organizations in the Coming Decade

28 Perspectives Nominated by the 37 members of three CEO Forums

 Those receiving the most votes from our members are:

 What might we have learned from the prior decade?

 1. Some business models are becoming obsolete; great new ones are being created

2. Be humble / considerate

3. Quality even slower growth is likely better

4. Target our customers / prospects based on financial risk and ability to grow

5. Learn to say no

 Have we fully comprehended what
adjustments must be made moving forward?

 1. We must develop plans that address financial weaknesses, establish how and when, if not already, our organization can return to growth while also building more liquidity than what was thought to be necessary in the past

2. Risk of shorter cycles between downturns

3. Limited increase in real estate values

4. Ongoing uncertainty of global events

 How will we strategically drive our
organization in the coming decade?

 1. Stronger drive for greater efficiency (using technology and improved processes)

2. Work to try to give more meaning to the work that our co-workers perform; be reminded that as the economy heats up, others will come after our A Players

3. Enhanced / More dynamic strategic planning process

4. Drive to create a higher value proposition as viewed by our customers