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Going To School on the Winners – Culture at Bridgewater

We find these videos about Bridgewater Associates and how it has built it’s culture amazing!

Let’s explore how Bridgewater has developed it’s culture at the below link.  We would encourage you to listen to three or four of the videos found at this link.  Your investment into this subject will take less than 30 minutes.  Invest in yourself and the potential for you and your organization to become its very best.–principles/culture-videos.aspx

What you will find:

“At Bridgewater, our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement. We believe that producing excellence requires approaching both work and people in a principled way. Above all else, we want to find out what is true and figure out how best to deal with it. We value independent thinking and innovation, recognizing that independent thinking generates disagreement and innovation requires making mistakes.

To foster this thinking and innovation, we maintain an environment of radical openness, even though that honesty can be difficult and uncomfortable. At Bridgewater each individual has the right and the obligation to ensure that what they do and what we do collectively in pursuit of excellence makes sense to them. Everyone is encouraged to be both assertive and open-minded in order to build their understanding and discover their best path. The types of disagreements and mistakes that are typically discouraged elsewhere are expected at Bridgewater because they are the fuel for the learning that helps us maximize the utilization of our potential. It is through this unique culture that we have produced the meaningful work and meaningful relationships that those who work here and our clients have come to expect.

To help communicate what it’s like here, some of the people who work at Bridgewater describe it in the videos below. I am also posting my Principles, which we use, debate and change to agree on how we should be with each other in our pursuit of excellence.”

- Ray Dalio



An Insightful Interview by Charlie Rose – Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

One can gain insights relating to the gobal economy, a framework for solving the U.S.’s debt problem and some highly valuable approaches to how we lead our organizations during this Charlie Rose Interview with the Founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio.   We found Ray’s perspectives to be full of wisdom, common sense and inelligience.  See if you agree at the link below.

The Must-Have Leadership Skill from Daniel Goleman

From HBR Blognetwork, Daniel Goleman provides additional insights on what he refers to as the must-have leadership skill.

Find it here:

And specifically here:

Daniel Goleman is Co-Director of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at Rutgers University, co-author of Primal Leadership: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, and author of The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights and Leadership: Selected Writings.


YouTube: Daniel Pink at a TED Conference

YouTube: Daniel Pink

CEO Forum III member Scott Barrows introduced Daniel Pink to our CEO Forums a few months back.  Daniel’s is a very interesting and noteworthy viewpoint.  If you haven’t already, check out the classic TEDTalk by distinguished thought leader, speaker and writer.  Pink presents TED Conference attendees with his talk on “the surprising science of motivation.”

CEO Forum Survey – Top Five Attributes of Stellar Performing Co-workers

Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum, encourages us to develop a bench of Stellar Performing Co-workers.  In fact, he goes as far as to say, consider the attributes of the stellar performers that have worked for you to-date and try to establish what the common attributes they hold and then hire against this for new hires.  So we thought we would survey the CEO Forum members to see what we found.  This is what we found among the CEO Forum members.

Top Five Positive Attributes of Stellar Performers

  • Integrity & Character
  • Willing to Learn
  • Sees the Big Picture
  • Ability to Build Strong Relationships
  • Self Starters
Furthermore, we offer what Jim Myers has found in those that have shown to be Stellar Performers in his rich experience of leading two publicly held companies and mentoring over 200 CEO Forum members in a career that now reflects a half a century of work:
  • Positive Person
  • Does what he / she says he / she says will do
  • Works well with others

John Lewis: Lessons Learned

AcrobatScreenSnapz027Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Happiness = Reality – Expectations

Gratitude is the foundation of contentment.

There are always those who are smarter, stronger and faster than you, generally younger. Choose them for your team.

Things that get rewarded…get done.

Mistakes are opportunities.

All humans face the same issues, just in varying magnitudes and in different sequencing.

Hubris is the first sign of an impending train wreck.

Reality is not moral.

John M. Lewis