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Tommy Van Zandt Presents – Wow! Leading From Anywhere / Leading Against Any Adversity – Video Link

Archie Schaffer, “If Tommy is not the most incredible person we know, he certainly is one of the most incredible people we know.” Archie introduced Tommy Van Zandt, who was the speaker at the Emerging Leader Forum II Recognition Ceremony.  Please find the link below to hear Tommy’s presentation.

Thank you Tommy!  His work and presentation speaks for itself; pretty amazing.  Thank you Robyn, for all you do to help Tommy be the human he is.  Thank you to the caregivers.  Thank you Lynn Blair, a caregiver from whom we get to learn, along with Tommy, inside of CEO Forum I, as they are both valued members.

When we learn from Tommy, we are inspired by what is possible.

Stan Beecham, who helps people reach their potential (and will be speaking on August 27 to members and guests) at as a Sports Psychologist and Leadership Consultant, shares “when fear dies, you begin to live. Fear is keeping you from reaching your potential. Conquering fear should be your primary goal in life.” Tommy is quite an example of this.

Finally, thank you to the members of Emerging Leader Forum II, a very special group of individuals.  Thank you, Todd Wood, Super Mentor & a Difference Maker in consistently contributing with wisdom, guidance and great questions for EL II, to Priscila Aguirre,  an A Plus Co-worker and to Josh Aldridge of Overland Films.

To learn more about Tommy visit Facebook, Sage Partners, or Vimeo for a video about Tommy’s Nite Out.


Over 70 Podcasts, Any One of Which Can Help Our Individual Performance / Thank You Vistage!

As you have heard us state, we have so much respect and admiration for Vistage, the world’s largest Chief Executive Organization with over 18,000 members.

A resource that we have found valuable when we are on the go or have some time to invest in our leadership knowledge, is the podcasts learning from formidable subject matter experts that Vistage brings to it’s members and has been kind enough to share with the public at the below links.

Topics include:

- Employee Engagement
- How to approach Debt and Equity Financing
- Three Essential Tips to Improve Business Culture
- Identifying and Defining Your Ideal Customer
- How to Overcome Execution Barriers
- How to Proactively Protect Your Financial Future

You will find over 70 podcasts that are most informative.

Click on the links below which relate to 3 pages of podcasts and determine what topic is best for you:

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3


Thank you Vistage!

Learning from Rockline Executive Nick Santoleri

Please enjoy learning from Nick Santoleri, executive of Rockline Industries.  Nick was a recent speaker at the Elevate Speaker Series by CEO Forums.  This post highlights the first three clips of Nick’s presentation via the “CEOForums” channel on YouTube.

Who is Rockline?

Rockline is a global, world class manufacturer of premium quality products for both branded and private label categories. From coffee filters to wet wipe products, Rockline offers a comprehensive line of products for your everyday lifestyle. Rockline is a recognized leader in innovation, product development, research, design, and manufacturing.  Learn more here:

What Can We Learn?

Nick’s topic is “Growing with Underdeveloped Resources.”  This is the challenge for all growth companies as at each stage the larger company needs new resources and desires to respect the talent and resources that got us to where we are today.

Part One, learn about:

  • How to think about Space
  • Growing with underdeveloped resources
  • Facilities around the globe
  • Unique Vision

Click here to watch:

Part Two, learn about:

  • Recruiting
  • Driving without a spare tire
  • Defining Stakeholders
  • How Can Companies Grow?

Click here to watch:

Part Three, learn about:

  • example comparing people and the train
  • clarity
  • how to work smarter – example starring Tom Porterfield
  • high performance organizational chart / high performance teams

Click here to watch:

We will highlight part’s four through six in a different post but they also are now available for your viewing and learning.  Thank you Nick for investing the time to prepare and present such valuable content for those leading organizations.   

Elevate strives to create the best learning environments for leaders through Peer Group Forums, the Elevate Speaker Series, Advisory Services & Toolboxes / Content important to your success.

12 Leaders | 1 Board Room | 6 Peer Group Forums

Elevate is expanding its Peer Group Forums.

Each member gets the opportunity to:

  • invest three hours a month of “theta” time in a trusting setting with peers to process issues and opportunities and learn new and better ways to execute.
  • benefit from the collective wisdom of the experienced leaders whose combined value is estimated to be over $2,000 per hour, your alternative board of directors

Let us know if you or someone you know might benefit from joining a Peer Group Forum. Membership is by invitation.

How Much Does Leadership Matter? Steve McElhanon

How much does Leadership Matter?  Please consider listening to one of the best presentations we have heard on why leadership does matter.

As an example, Steve McElhanon shared the following with us,

“As a leader, a lot of things are entrusted to your stewardship

  • Trust that the customers place in you
  • Financials of the company
  • Investors
  • Most importantly, the careers of the people who work for you”
Listen to how Steve describes why “Leadership Matters” via his valuable presentation at the Elevate Speaker Series by CEO Forums via this link:
Thank you Steve for your great presentation and investing time to help our members and friends learn how to better lead our organizations.

Rockline Industries’ Impressive Sustainability Record

Please find below a link to an article about Rockline Industries’ most impressive record on Sustainability.  In getting to know Rockline Industries as an organization and an exceptional leader, Nick Santoleri along with Super  Engineer / Leader in Training Gabriel Macahdo, members of CEO Forum I and III respectively, we have learned just how world class this organization is and it’s people are!

Congratulations, Rockline, for your impressive record in Sustainability.  See article here: 


“How to Manage When You Have No Clue” from CEOU.ORG

We found this article from CEO University particularly enlightening.

We hope you do as well. It is titled, “How to Manage When You Have No Clue.”

Here is the link:

Bright, curious, engaging leaders who never want to stop learning find Peer Group Forums to be extra valuable for your career development.  Never stop learning, join a Peer Group, An Elevate Forum by CEO Forums today.    Contact us at

Thank you CEO University for the great information!



Todd Wood Honored with 1st Annual Jim Myers Super Mentor Award


su·per  - Very good or pleasant; excellent

men·tor  - A trusted valued advisor

jim myers – the best super mentor known to many; founder of the CEO Forum; former CEO of two publicly held companies, partner to the wonderful Gindy Myers

todd wood – recipient of the 1st Annual Jim Myers Super Mentor Award

photo – Darin Gray, Gray Matters and CEO Forum I Alum along with Tim McFarland award Todd Wood the beautiful Crystal Award, selected and designed by Creative Awards.  Both Darin and Tim know what a great Super Mentor Todd Wood is!  As do members of CEO Forum II, Key Forum I and one can be assured, many others!

thank you – we sincerely thank you Todd Wood, for all of the value you give others every day!

cost of photo – priceless…..yet we do expect a large invoice to be received from professional photographer / Buffalo River Legend Mike Mills along with his assistant, another Arkansas Legend, Wayne Woods

Thank you all!

What Made John Lewis a Great Leader?

Please find input here from our CEOForums YouTube channel on what made John Lewis a great leader, part three, as reflected by the following people:

  • Alan Fortenberry
  • Archie Schaffer
  • Hugh Kincaid
  • Louise Schaper
  • Hayden McIlroy
  • David Lewis
  • Jay Lewis
  • Dwayne Cromwell
  • Elaine Williams
  • Mike Malone
  • and Uvalde Lindsey’s written comments
  • including how to pronouce “Feydville!”
What a great leader John Lewis was.  Thank you to each of the above for helping us with the start of defining John’s attributes of his great leadership.