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“How to Manage When You Have No Clue” from CEOU.ORG

We found this article from CEO University particularly enlightening.

We hope you do as well. It is titled, “How to Manage When You Have No Clue.”

Here is the link:

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Thank you CEO University for the great information!



Todd Wood Honored with 1st Annual Jim Myers Super Mentor Award


su·per  - Very good or pleasant; excellent

men·tor  - A trusted valued advisor

jim myers – the best super mentor known to many; founder of the CEO Forum; former CEO of two publicly held companies, partner to the wonderful Gindy Myers

todd wood – recipient of the 1st Annual Jim Myers Super Mentor Award

photo – Darin Gray, Gray Matters and CEO Forum I Alum along with Tim McFarland award Todd Wood the beautiful Crystal Award, selected and designed by Creative Awards.  Both Darin and Tim know what a great Super Mentor Todd Wood is!  As do members of CEO Forum II, Key Forum I and one can be assured, many others!

thank you – we sincerely thank you Todd Wood, for all of the value you give others every day!

cost of photo – priceless…..yet we do expect a large invoice to be received from professional photographer / Buffalo River Legend Mike Mills along with his assistant, another Arkansas Legend, Wayne Woods

Thank you all!

What Made John Lewis a Great Leader?

Please find input here from our CEOForums YouTube channel on what made John Lewis a great leader, part three, as reflected by the following people:

  • Alan Fortenberry
  • Archie Schaffer
  • Hugh Kincaid
  • Louise Schaper
  • Hayden McIlroy
  • David Lewis
  • Jay Lewis
  • Dwayne Cromwell
  • Elaine Williams
  • Mike Malone
  • and Uvalde Lindsey’s written comments
  • including how to pronouce “Feydville!”
What a great leader John Lewis was.  Thank you to each of the above for helping us with the start of defining John’s attributes of his great leadership.


7 New Resources Reach “Top 33″ Status – Helpful Links for CEO’s

To the right of each page of our website, one can find Helpful Links for Leaders, The Top 33!

You asked us to evaluate resources that are introduced to us or we have researched and discovered and bring you the very best.  Accordingly, we now rate our best known resources and allow new better ones to bump others to offer you a revolving “Top 33″ best resources for CEO’s.

Here are the new resources add to this list:

  • Deloitte Leadership Academy
  • Gap International, Partners in Exceptional Growth
  • Ken Blanchard Companies (in honor of Ken Blanchard Companies Board Member Tom Muccio and because it deserves a spot, in that order)
  • N2Growth, Serving World Class Leaders
  • Steve Blank, an Experienced Venture Teacher
  • This Week in Venture Capital, YouTube Channel
  • Thought Leadership for the CEO, from Vistage

So when you are ready to further invest in yourself, do some driving around and exploring at each of the links of these resources.  You can find the links on the right hand side of each page.

You may know of a helpful link that you believe belongs in the top 33.  We welcome your views and nominations.  Or your input as to the value of these links!

We are currently expanding our CEO Forums by five new members.  If you have an interest in joining one of our three CEO Forums, please contact us.  Membership will then be capped until we onboard our great new members.  Are you or someone you know one of those future great members? Our value proposition, engaged CEO Forum members can see around many more corners that were once somewhat blind and engaged members make better decisions.   We believe we deliver a 10X value proposition, a value equal to ten times the cost plus your time invested in member activities.

Too busy?  The busier you are, the more suitable the CEO Forum is for you.

Never stop growing; join a CEO Forum.




Northwest Arkansas – Great for Business.Great for Life.

It’s how we start every Elevate Speaker Series, watching this two minute video, reminding each of us how fortunate we are to be in Northwest Arkansas.  Great for business.  Great for Life.

Thank you Northwest Arkansas Council for all you do to help Northwest Arkansas be a better place to work, live, raise family and play.  Thank you Sam Walton, Don Tyson, JB Hunt, John Lewis for starting the Northwest Arkansas Council.   Thank you Alice Walton, Uvalde Lindsey and John Paul Hammerschmidt for your awesome leadership in the first 15 years of the council’s great work, helping bring XNA and I540 to fruition.

Thank you Mark Simmons, Archie Shaffer and Scott Van Laningham for your ongoing and consistent leadership for the council.

Thank you Mike Malone and the rolling chairpersons of the council that include David Gearhart, Mike Duke, Jim Walton, John Roberts and John Tyson.  Thank you Buddy Philpot for your past and ongoing steady leadership always being there for the council.  Thank you past and current members of the Northwest Arkansas Council.  Thank you current and highly talented staff serving Mike Malone’s and the membership’s administration!  And thank you Walton Family Foundation….where would we be without this wonderful institution?!!!

Thank you for this inspiring video:

Northwest Arkansas – Great for Business. Great for Life.




Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.49.00 PM

How Members Benefit from The CEO Forums

It can be lonely at the top.  A CEO doesn’t always have upstream resources like others in an organization to call upon for answers to his or her largest challenge, issue or opportunity.  Yet, what ever the most pressing challenge, issue or opportunity that comes your way, one can be assured that other CEO’s have experience and knowledge in how best to respond to the same.  And in our group format with valued peers among your membership, the collective wisdom of the group never ceases to amaze us relative to how robust and valuable the input can  be for an amazingly broad array of topics.
We strive to pursue answers and content helpful to elevate a leader’s performance and do so with the understanding that we must be diligent and thoughtful so as to to find the reality of any given circumstance, situation, challenge or opportunity.  We strive to pursue answers without ego and challenge our members to do so as well.  We know we can be wrong and constantly strive to stress test what we have learned and continue to learn as we know that we must be life long learners and know that both people and reality often change.
Our objective is to take people from where they are, understanding our own weaknesses and shortcomings, and while helping others, focus on how we can improve.  Within our groups, we encourage debate and disagreement in a constructive manner via this open and trusting format so as to help one another define reality and the optimal approach to a challenge, issue or opportunity.
Below is a list of how members of a CEO Forums can benefit.
  • Participate in a trusting and mutually supportive environment
  • Benefit from learning from one another and collective wisdom of the group
  • Distinguish between fads and sustainable best practices
  • Learn from real-life experiences of others
  • Gain timely insights regarding economic conditions across various sectors
  • Address common issues via outside expertise and dialogue among peers
  • Enhance servant leadership and organizational management skills
  • Discover new and better ways to achieve exceptional results
  • Network for knowledge, wisdom and personal growth
  • Share content and resources via websites, social media and Emerging Apps
We are in the process of developing five Toolboxes for clients of Elevate and members of Elevate  or members of a forum.   These toolboxes include:
- Leadership and People Development
- Strategic Thinking and Planning
- Financial Strategies / Corporate Finance
- Business Model Evolution
- Remaining Current, a competitive imparitive
- Learning from one another
Thank you for taking the time to consider this information.
For more information about our advisory services or CEO Forums, please contact Tim at
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For Results That Always Get Better “ Jim Myers

Jim Myers, Founder of the CEO Forum in Phoenix, AZ is an incredible mentor and has had a positive impact mentoring and advising well over 100 CEO’s in Arizona and across America.

The business community of Phoenix was quite fortunate when Jim, experienced as a CEO of two publicly held companies, one of which represented 10,000 co-workers, elected to move to Phoenix with his lovely wife Gindy to be closer to family and enjoy the Arizona sunshine. Tim McFarland, who leads the CEO Forums in Arkansas, licensed from Jim’s organization, was fortunate to be a member of the original CEO Forum in 1989.  Tim will be putting forth “nuggets” of counsel that Jim has taught to others and will on occasion invite other members of the CEO Forum in Phoenix to share their good fortune to have learned from Jim.  Jim’s counsel is not only of strong value but it is practical and executable.

As we consistently strive to find information of high value helpful to CEO’s, we also find that much of it sounds excellent but is not so practical and executable. And this makes us even more hungry to bring to members of the CEO Forum and on a selected basis to the public at large, a program we refer to as “For Results That Always Get Better – Jim Myers.”

In this post, we offer two guidances taught to us by Jim Myers that we know can help every organizational leader when applied more diligently.

1.  Consider Jim’s definition of a leader and how you and your leadership team conduct your roles as leaders so as to “bring out the best in others.”

2.  Every day, every hour, every conversation, strive to act in a way and encourage others to do so that will build an environment that is “open, trusting, non-defensive and non-political.”

And consider for just a moment any previous challenge you or your organization has had recently and if these guidances had been emphaisized and present, if the results not have been better.

“For results that always get better,”  thank you, Jim Myers!