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7 New Resources Reach “Top 33″ Status – Helpful Links for CEO’s

To the right of each page of our website, one can find Helpful Links for Leaders, The Top 33!

You asked us to evaluate resources that are introduced to us or we have researched and discovered and bring you the very best.  Accordingly, we now rate our best known resources and allow new better ones to bump others to offer you a revolving “Top 33″ best resources for CEO’s.

Here are the new resources add to this list:

  • Deloitte Leadership Academy
  • Gap International, Partners in Exceptional Growth
  • Ken Blanchard Companies (in honor of Ken Blanchard Companies Board Member Tom Muccio and because it deserves a spot, in that order)
  • N2Growth, Serving World Class Leaders
  • Steve Blank, an Experienced Venture Teacher
  • This Week in Venture Capital, YouTube Channel
  • Thought Leadership for the CEO, from Vistage

So when you are ready to further invest in yourself, do some driving around and exploring at each of the links of these resources.  You can find the links on the right hand side of each page.

You may know of a helpful link that you believe belongs in the top 33.  We welcome your views and nominations.  Or your input as to the value of these links!

We are currently expanding our CEO Forums by five new members.  If you have an interest in joining one of our three CEO Forums, please contact us.  Membership will then be capped until we onboard our great new members.  Are you or someone you know one of those future great members? Our value proposition, engaged CEO Forum members can see around many more corners that were once somewhat blind and engaged members make better decisions.   We believe we deliver a 10X value proposition, a value equal to ten times the cost plus your time invested in member activities.

Too busy?  The busier you are, the more suitable the CEO Forum is for you.

Never stop growing; join a CEO Forum.




How to Build a Great Salesperson From Scratch

Anthony Iannarino offers some excellent resources and knowledge relating to sales titled the Anthony Iannarino Sales Blog.  You may find it of value along the way.  We thought he laid this topic out very well.

In the CEO Forums, we often discuss and emphasize how important it is to try to “grow our own great people from within” vs. recruit from the outside.  Sometimes it makes sense and can even be advantageous to recruit from the outside.  Yet, we all would be better if we could grow more of our best people from scratch.  And that is why we are posting the link to this well written post.

How do we build a great sales person from scratch or for that matter a great key person from scratch?

Please review the content in Anthony’s post.  In summary,

  • hire people with the right attributes
  • combine training and experience
  • start coaching
  • give more training and greater challenges
  • give even more sales coaching
“Ongoing coaching is key to building great sales people,” Anthony states or for that matter, it is key to building great people within our organization.

The link:

What are your thoughts and views on the topic?


7 Unusual Things Great Bosses Do by Jeff Haden

For every leader or every aspiring leader, these 7 Unusual Things Great Bosses Do are worth focusing on.  Stay thirsty for continuous learning as it is not only essential but makes the journey richer and keeps us humble and grounded.

7 Unusual Things Great Bosses Do was found via and was published by Jeff Haden at   Thank you to each!  Here is the link:



The Amerine Factor – An Arkansas Leader Emerges

In the past two years, no one has meant more for the Arkansas’ entrepreneur community than Jeff Amerine.  The Amerine Factor can be found in about every good initiative happening in Arkansas relating to making a more vibrant communmity for entrepreneurs to start and grow and be successful in Arkansas.  Thank you Jeff, for all you have done to take this important part of our economy to a whole new level.  CEO Forum II is proud to have you as a valued member!

To get a taste of what Jeff is doing and how he thinks, please go to this video link and listen to this brilliant tech savvy leader!

Keep up your great work, Jeff!  Stay productive; that is you!  Adjust for balance from time-to-time.  Stay positive! Remain humble yet confident.  People are following and will continue to follow you!   We are all grateful!


12 Key Steps To Improve Your Sales Team (from Vistage)

As we look to the new year of 2013 & work to complete our 2013 strategic plan & financial plan, a leader might benefit by reviewing the “12 Key Steps to Improve Your Sales Team.”  Would any of these steps give your team the best opportunity to “elevate” their performance and therefore deserve implementation inside of your 2013 strategic plan?

The information comes from Vistage, an organization for whom we have tremendous respect. Vistage is the world’s leading chief executive organization.  Here is the link:

If you have input or recommendations on how best to improve a sales team, we welcome your comments below.

About the CEO Forums and Elevate

For insights and peer relationships executives rely on, please consider whether you or someone you may know might benefit from joining a CEO Forum, a Key Forum or one-on-one coaching.  We also offer tailored advisory services.  Please e-mail us at should you have an interest in learning more.



The Top Five Mistakes of Unsuccessful Leaders (as found @

It sure was great being with the CEO Forum I members this morning and with Sarah Fennel and Steve McBee this afternoon.  There were insights shared and peer relationships advanced meaningful to all!

As you have heard it emphasized, from the wise counsel of Jim Myers, founder of the CEO Forum, “as leaders we must work to be more positive.”  It is a categorical statement applicable, in our view, to almost every one of us.

We will strive, as a portfolio of work, to do so yet in this post, we share a topic that seems against this grain.  The list just seemed to be a list whose review by our members and those striving to lead better might benefit. So let’s spend just a little time some time over the weekend reflecting on The Top Five Mistakes of Unsuccessful Leaders found at and written by  The Leadership Freak.

Helpful Resources for Leaders

FYI, we continue to find great value in &, two of the thirty three links found at under the category of “Helpful Resources for Leaders.”  If you are desiring to “elevate” your pace of learning and improve upon how you lead your enterprise or your team, other than embarking upon a 360 degree assessment or working genuinely hard to break down barriers for genuine feedback, these two resources would be great “foundational resources” from which to begin.

Giving Meaning to What We Do

One last comment, in our one-on-one session today with Founder and CEO of Restore Humanity, Sarah Fennel, we received a wonderful gift.  It was her demand that we stop and listen to her “giving thanks” to our work together and the contributions she felt we had made to her leadership effectiveness.  And I only share this to say, she found a way to do this in a genuine and special and loving way and it gave great meaning to the work we do.  It is exactly what we would like to be able to do with every person with whom we work & especially those whose responsibility to lead is ours.  If we can give more meaning to what they do, they will perform even better!  Now, let’s see if we can absorb this gift of Sarah’s and be able to perform better in the coming weeks and months.  Thank you Sarah, for your restorative gift and for restoring the humanity of the less fortunate in Kenya.  We love ya!

So Your a CEO or a Business Owner Looking for Answers – Consider These 33 Resources

So you are a CEO or a business owner looking for answers; consider the 33 resources that are listed on the right hand side of our website titled Helpful Resources for Leaders.  It has taken six years to accumulate them, each nominated by a wide range of CEO Forum members or taken from the wonderful list published by Mike Myatt, one of Amerca’s leading executive coaches.

And in the last two years, the speed at which rich content is going into many of these resources is nothing less than amazing.

Spend an hour and take a tour of some of these links and let us know if you don’t find three or four that will add meaningful value to your career growth pattern or a solution to a specific challenge you may have, because if you don’t find the answer by then, you may be a CEO Forum member candidate.

HBR Blogpost by a Gen Y’er – Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem

We all know that our co-workers / our people are our most valuable asset.  So learning more about how we lead them helps us better lead all of our co-workers.  At the link provided below, you will find an HBR Blogpost by a Gen Y’er, Cal Newport, that will hopefully help us understand more about Gen Y and, over time, help us better know how to lead and motivate this generation along with all others.

We would more than welcome your thoughts in comments as the collective wisdom of group input is almost always more valuable.

Learning from Tommy Van Zandt

Tommy Van Zandt is becoming a hero to many of us.

Please take a minute to watch this video clip of Tommy & a recent benefit to help Tommy & his family with medical expenses & so that he can live the best life possible.

Here is the 2 minute video clip that gives you an inside look at this cool dude.

While we thought we were all helping Tommy, & we are, it is Tommy that is also helping us – teaching us!  Through his courage, his kindness, his ability to deal with tremendous adversity, his grace & with his tremendously handicapped situation, his ability to show his love for all of us, he is teaching us.

He has inspired so many to show how big there hearts are when inspired by a great cause.

So we all rally around the fact that for his health & safety, his dignity & respect, & as we continue to increasingly learn, his ability to teach us, we all want Tommy to have the best living conditions & life possible.

As CEO’s or leaders of organizations, there is likely no amount of adversity with which we will be dealing in our own business / enterprise to compare when we consider with what Tommy has dealt.  May Tommy be an inspiration to each of us as we all deal with the adversity that will come our way.

Thank you Tommy for your example.  We hope to continue to learn from you.

While the fundraiser has passed, the expenses will not pass.  Please consider going to the below website & make your investment in Tommy & all that he represents.

Donate here:

Tommy V, you are an inspiration to us all!