2013 Diversity Report – CEO Forums and Emerging Leader Forums

CEO Forums & Emerging Leader Forums

2013 Diversity Report

Everyone learns from everyone; the more diverse our membership, the richer the experience for everyone.

In 2013, we established as a Key Objective to improve the diversity of our membership. We are pleased to report an update on the progress being made to drive a more diverse membership.

Our 2013 Report on Diversity reflects the following:

Members Representing Diversity

CEO Forums                   Of the 33 members, 10 members represent diversity (a group in the minority)

More specifically…..

-  8 female

- 1 physically handicapped

- 1 born & raised in Venezuela

Emerging Leader Forum II     of the 13 members, 7 represent diversity

More specifically……..

  • 5 female
  • 1 born & raised in Colombia
  • 1 Irish-German-African-American-Indian

In addition to working harder approaching prospects that represent diversity, we also found that reducing the cost to join for some of these prospects would remove an important barrier.  Fees to prospects that represent diversity and seem to be a good fit for membership and vice versa have been reduced on a case by case basis by 20 to 35%.

Investment in Diversity expressed as Annual Reduction in Fees

Program Sponsors / Supporters

Hanna Oil & Gas                                                              $2,000 Contribution

Neal Pendergraft                                                           $2,000 Contribution

Todd Wood                                                                      $2,000 Contribution

Elevate’s Contribution via Reduced Fees           $19,400 Contribution

Total                                                                                  $25,400 Contribution


Organizations that have invested directly in diversity via membership into these forums include:

  • Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport
  • Rockline Industries
  • Sage Partners
  • Northwest Arkansas Council
  • Scribe Marketing
  • Restore Humanity
  • Lola Boutique
  • Creative Awards 
  • Mercy Northwest Arkansas
  • Fayetteville Public Schools
  • Community Clinic
  • Groundserv
  • Nicole Shipley
  • Amy Robinson Reeves

Thank you to each of these organizations and people for helping make our forums more rich and more diverse enabling our members to have well round perspectives of issues and opportunities.